Tracking Neurofeedback Training

Effects and Outcomes

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Join these conversations on demystifying the body’s response to neurofeedback training. Increase your ability to identify concrete training responses while growing your ability to modify neurofeedback protocols for improved client outcomes.  

Beginning and intermediate neurofeedback providers interested in expanding their ability to hear and follow the brain’s response to each neurofeedback training session.


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Participants will be able to identify 3 or more questions they can ask and interpret to identify when reward frequencies are too high or when they are too low.



Participants will be able to effectively use two different client tracking sheets with clients to assist in organizing and improving neurofeedback training outcomes.



Participants will know how to observe amplitude changes for inhibited frequencies during training as one measure of on-going training efficacy.


"When it comes to making early and on-going neurofeedback skills accessible and alive, I highly recommend my colleague, Ellen Shaw-Smith. She will inevitably leave you with new and embodied tools to add to your clinical skill set, as well as an expanded perspective on what is possible in your work with your neurofeedback clients. "


Sebern Fisher, MA, BCN


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