A Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach to Chronic Pain

Integrating Neurofeedback, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Family Systems Approaches in Applying Research to Practice


Chronic pain is an international epidemic, and research shows that the most effective treatments are not medical, despite the heavy reliance of the medical profession on opioids, but behavioral.

We will explore how to integrate neurofeedback into a comprehensive treatment process that treats chronic pain as the biological-psychological-social phenomenon that it is. We will be looking at what the research tells us about neurofeedback practice, the biology of chronic pain, the variety of chronic pain conditions and the variety of ways of understanding pain and the patient in pain, systems thinking about pain, the therapeutic relationship, cognitive-behavior therapy, and assessing and tracking pain.

Accessible to both clinicians and home users, this webinar will offer much to beginners and to advanced practitioners alike.

This course is Intended for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, physicians, therapists, neurofeedback practitioners

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Edward Jacobs, Ph.D., BCN

Ed is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience providing neurofeedback to a diverse population of children and adults, and 40 years of experience providing psychotherapy and psychological evaluations. He is in private practice in New Hampshire and has served on the clinical faculty of Harvard Medical School. He has published peer-reviewed clinical papers on using neurofeedback with patients coping with chronic pain, ADHD, learning disabilities and emotional dysregulation, articles and papers on self psychology, family therapy and parenting, and two books for parents of children with ADHD. He has presented webinars and workshops on integrating neurofeedback with other modalities in the treatment of chronic pain at the Neurofeedback Interchange Conference, BCIA, and the Australian Neurofeedback Institute.

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